Frodan’s Opening Blog!

Hey everyone!

Many people recognize my work for being able to tread the line carefully and be professional on camera. However, what people may not know about me is that I am also really, really opinionated when it comes to certain topics.

Why a blog?

A few months ago, I got fired up to talk about a few pressing issues I felt was going on in the community. Originally, I wanted to start an audio podcast to vent my thoughts, but after I did my first 45 minute recording/rant, I ended up with many problems, most notably failing to record on multiple channels so the fun audio stuff I had planned messed up (T_T). Pushing the project through would turn out to be much more work than I anticipated…plus I realized I am not good at verbally ranting as I thought I was hahaha!

Writing things out, however, is something I feel more comfortable doing considering I can pepper my thoughts, leave it for later, and pick up some other time when I am waiting at the airport or a slow rehearsal day in the studio. My writing and grammar isn’t perfect…hell, it’s barely acceptable most of the time. Feel free to point out basic mistakes. Improving writing skills only helps!

dear LOLSometimes laughter is my only response because I have to restrain myself!

What will you write about?

I may have many subjects on eSports I want to blog about, but I will make sure to try my best to stay in my lane. I’m not going to dedicate my posts on things I don’t understand well like game design/balance or another scene I am not familiar with such as DOTA2 or CS:GO. Instead, I want to talk about the topics people aren’t talking about, the behind-the-scenes people don’t know, and the small stories that make me love working in this industry. This will primarily be Hearthstone stuff as it is the overwhelming majority of what people would like to read about, but I may occasionally dip elsewhere. Feel free to read, engage, or ignore those non-Hearthstone posts 🙂

It’s not a gossip corner nor a platform where I want to fight others and call them out. Overall, I want it to stay positive! However, this doesn’t mean I refuse to talk or acknowledge the darker subjects. I want it to be an open forum for any kind of follow up questions/discussion to what I write about. If I don’t answer, it’s probably because I don’t know or I can’t answer for legitimately discretionary reasons.

pulse with chanceBack in StarCraft 2, I once hosted a news show called “The Pulse” where I had a
segment dedicated 
to firing shots non-stop at people around the community. Definitely
not my best or cleanest moments on camera, but this was young Frodan in its realest form.

What you can expect

Honesty, sentiment, anti-circlejerking, lots of repetitive adjectives, and my hardest attempt to be objective.

Here are some of the topics I want to cover over the next couple of months. A few of these I already wrote up 200+ word drafts so it looks promising!

  • Casting Call #1: Why Hearthstone Tournaments Seem More Boring Than It Should Be.
  • The Mad Caster: Traps Hearthstone Commentators Fall Into.
  • Netcasting #1: What ThatsAdmirable Brought to the Tavern.
  • Why Tempo Storm and Archon Both Matter.
  • How Hearthstone Tournaments Can Kill The Tournament Scene.
  • The 2015 Mid-Year Frodan Awards (Fun category awards that don’t really exist but are fun to think/meme about).

I’ll put it in poll format to see if you’re interested in any of these topics which I can focus on first. Vote on as many or few as you want.


P.S. I’m still decorating around here and it will look better as I get around to it! Gotta brush up them ol’ MSPaint skills.

10 thoughts on “Frodan’s Opening Blog!

      1. Anon

        Oh man, “Korean before plastic surgery ugly” LOL. That reminds me of a Wikipedia edit my friends and I made on the topic back in high school, when I had less tact about what I said in public spaces. It lasted about 15 minutes, lol.


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  2. David


    I just wanted to say that starting up this blog was a great idea. I came across your website on reddit, and the first post I read was about the rivalry between Archon and Tempo Storm, and why that fire should continue to burn bright. To be honest, I’m not too much into reading, but after seeing such an iconic person writing about Hearthstone and the stories in the scene, I found myself reading the post like how a little kid was to read their favorite book. Entertained, interested, and wanted to read more.

    As much as you are involved in the Hearthstone scene, I’m fairly positive you have your fair share of stories to tell, and your opinion on them. I’ll be one of many, I’m sure, that will visit frequently, eagerly awaiting to see what you have to share with us next.



    1. frodan Post author

      Thanks David 🙂 the trick will be to tow the line between spreading positive reflective journalism and revealing too much personal information about these guys. Will be updating semi-regularly. Hope to see you back!


  3. Will

    Just heard about your blog from your mention of it on the TAC podcast – keep up the great work! I really enjoy your casting and am looking forward to reading your many thoughts on various Hearthstone topics.


  4. Fish

    I voted for the Mad Caster topic (Traps Hearthstone Commentators Fall Into). I found it pretty interesting that frodan identified this topic as I find some (not all) of the tourney commentators a little too much, notably in the attitude of being too high and mighty (not trying to say that the article is going be based on this of course). Kibler had a post on his blog that had a mention of this too, essentially defending his choices made in a match. Looking forward to article. Thanks.



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