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Front Row Seats: Frodan’s 2015 Seriously Long Megablog

The Best Year Of My Life

2015 is old news as we’re more than a full week into the new year.  I took a very nice vacation and time away from the computer (but not my iPad, still had to hit legend!) so I apologize for not getting this out in a timely manner.

The eSports industry moves at a breakneck pace. Heck, any part of adult life tends to go at a blinding speed compared to when you’re stuck in school counting down the minutes until class is dismissed. But when you’re bombarded with event after event, it’s hard to digest it all and process wtf did we actually see this year.


Linkin Park closing BlizzCon 2015!

In light of GosuGamer faithfully following the scene and handing out their yearly awards, I too wanted to do like a 2015 Frodan awards of “Best Player” and “Best Team”. However, I feel like it’s redundant to pick the obvious choices like G2/Nihilum, even though all their recognition this year is desreved. Nor do I find it particularly interesting to redundantly discuss things that you can find out yourself with a bit of Liquipedia research and reddit browsing.

Instead, I’m just gonna write down random stories of the year, reminisce about my favorite moments, games, conversations, and other things.

Warning: This blog ended up getting massively long (4k+ words). At this point, I’ve sunk so much time into it that I won’t be doing much editing. Sorry! Continue reading

Why Tempo Storm and Archon Both Matter


What makes someone want to watch others play video games?

To some, it’s the level of play demonstrated such as a ridiculous no-scope headshot from in an FPS. To others, it’s something they can relate to since they don’t really play or care about traditional sports. In the future, fans might even care solely due to culture, which is what Dreamhack has achieved. Pretty much everyone around that part of Sweden goes to the Elmia because it is one of the most fun and epic social events of the year.

Today, the vast majority of fans are drawn by one thing: the story lines of the players/teams and the rivalries behind them. Continue reading