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Why Tempo Storm and Archon Both Matter


What makes someone want to watch others play video games?

To some, it’s the level of play demonstrated such as a ridiculous no-scope headshot from in an FPS. To others, it’s something they can relate to since they don’t really play or care about traditional sports. In the future, fans might even care solely due to culture, which is what Dreamhack has achieved. Pretty much everyone around that part of Sweden goes to the Elmia because it is one of the most fun and epic social events of the year.

Today, the vast majority of fans are drawn by one thing: the story lines of the players/teams and the rivalries behind them. Continue reading

For the Record #1: How right was StrifeCro about GvG?

This is my first post in a series I want to call “For the Record.” Oftentimes, I see a comment or a post that might have misunderstandings based on a story he may have heard through a friend or on stream. I’ll summon this series whenever I feel there is something cool to share or a need to address misconceptions. Leave a comment or question. Enjoy!

I know I put up topics to write about and I promise I’ll get to them, but I wanted to do a warm up post to get the writing juices working before I dive into some deeper topics. Besides, today is probably the last day I can write this as we are on the eve of The Grand Tournament which releases sometime in the next 30+ hours from now. Continue reading

Frodan’s Opening Blog!

Hey everyone!

Many people recognize my work for being able to tread the line carefully and be professional on camera. However, what people may not know about me is that I am also really, really opinionated when it comes to certain topics.

Why a blog?

A few months ago, I got fired up to talk about a few pressing issues I felt was going on in the community. Originally, I wanted to start an audio podcast to vent my thoughts, but after I did my first 45 minute recording/rant, I ended up with many problems, most notably failing to record on multiple channels so the fun audio stuff I had planned messed up (T_T). Pushing the project through would turn out to be much more work than I anticipated…plus I realized I am not good at verbally ranting as I thought I was hahaha! Continue reading